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Crossbreeding the Tuli with other breeds -
to achieve amazing hardiness - and many other favourable characteristics

If you've already read our "Why Choose the Tuli Breed?" Page - you will know all about the great advantages offered by this unique breed - the result of thousands of years of adaptation to harsh conditions!

Due to their unique genotype, Tulis offer the maximum hybrid vigour in a crossbreeding programme. 

High fertility, hardiness, adaptability, disease resistance, excellent beef qualities, early maturity with fast finishing, docility, being primarily naturally polled, ease of calving, good mothering ability and superb carcass quality, have made the Tuli breed extremely popular in cross-breeding programme both in Southern Africa and internationally.

International interest increased even more following the recent release of research study results from the Clay Centre in Nebraska in the USA. These showed that the Tuli produces meat of exceptionally high quality; in a trial of several breeds the Tuli had the juiciest meat and was second only to the Angus for marbling.

Tuli beef consistently receives excellent ratings for flavour, tenderness and marbling. Tuli Cattle are usually large enough for slaughter at 18 - 20 months.

The Tuli boasts all the ruggedness resulting from thousands of years of evolution in Southern Africa while still maintaining high beef and dairy quality, easily rivalling those of established breeds.

Tulis are moderate-framed cattle, requiring low maintenance. They come in four basic coat colours, with variation of shade amongst these - red, gold, ivory and dun - which enable them to tolerate intense sunlight without stress.

Recap of genetic advantages that come with the Tuli breed - to leverage via crossbreeding programmes
  • Hardy, strong, adaptable and resilient
  • Moderately framed requiring low manitenance
  • Highly adapted to extreme heat, nutritional stress and drought
  • Tick and disease resistant
  • Early maturity
  • High carcass merit and top quality beef even with poor grazing
  • High dairy productivity with high quality milk
  • Fertility and maternal strength
  • Calving ease and competent mothering
  • Low calf mortality
  • Relaxed disposition with easy management
  • Outcross genotype
  • 70-80% are naturally polled
  • Solid light colours that provide intense heat tolerance
  • Moderate framed, low maintenance
  • Highly adaptable to varied challenging environments and conditions

With all these genetic advantages, it is no surprise that in our Southern African Region, and in the United States of America and Australia besides, cattle breeders and farmers are conducting exciting crossbreeding programmes with a variety of other cattle breeds, to leverage these advantages. They aim to bring the amazing Tuli hardiness and adaptabilty to the resultant crossbred cattle, along with the many other Tuli Advantages.

Tuli Cattle are being cross-bred with various other breeds, with the aim of producing hardy, robust cattle, capable of withstanding tough conditions and thriving in challenging environments.

Pictures on this page come from members who have successfully crossbred the Tuli with other breeds, showing some of their results.

Follow the link at right to read about an exciting
cross-breeding programme in Australia:

Left - Tuli-Brahman crossbred cattle.

Below - the results of successful crossbreeding of Tuli with Brahman and Santa Gertrudis in Zambia
Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-Tuli-Santa-Gertrudis Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-Tuli-Santa-Gertrudis-4a Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-4
Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-2 Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-Tuli-Santa-Gertrudis-3 Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-7
Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-6a Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-5 Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-crossbreeding-Zambia-Tuli-Brahman
Below - results of successfully crossbreeding Tuli with Red Dane (top left photo)and Brahman (all other photos) in Zimbabwe
Tuli-Cattle-society-Southern-Africa-T-Rex-red-dane-cross-tuli-dairy-bull Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Tuli-crossbred-with-brahman-1 Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Tuli-crossbred-with-Brahman-5
Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Tuli-crossbred-with-Brahman-3 Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Tuli-crossbred-with-Brahman-4 Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Tuli-crossbred-with-Brahman-2