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The Tuli Cattle Society of Southern Africa was created to represent and serve the needs of Tuli Cattle Breeders, Farmers and Enthusiasts across our Region. 

Our aim is to keep all those who breed and farm these amazingly robust cattle, fully informed and up to date, and to share information, research and ideas. 

We also aim to spread knowledge of the adaptability, hardiness, high fertility, disease resistance and many other advantages of the Tuli breed, about which we are passionate. 

The Tuli breed has its history and its roots firmly planted in our southern African region, its predecessors evolving over several millennia on this continent, constantly adapting to harsh climatic conditions and food shortages. 

The hardy Tuli will keep your costs down and profits up, producing great milk and meat - even in the toughest environment.


Tuli-Cattle-Society-of-Southern-Africa-golden-tuli-bull-with-cow-in beautiful-light-in-bush-b
Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Zimbo-Tuli-cows-red Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Zimbo-Tuli-Bull-red
Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Zimbo-Tuli-White-cow and-Herd-Scenic Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-SA
Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Zambia-1 Tuli-Cattle-Society-of-Southern-Africa-Zimbo-tuli-red-bull-portrait-in-perfect-ligh
Tuli-Cattle-Society-of-Southern-Africa-white-bull-against-blue-sky-a Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Namibia-11 Tuli-Cattle-Society-Southern-Africa-Zambian-Tuli-6a